PWM controlar to work with reverse polarity relay

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Following my other thread in the building a motorised camera slider

I plan on having a motor controlled by a PWM to reduce the speed of the motor for time-laps photography

and adding a reverse polarity relay so I can add end limiter switches at both ends of the slider, this is the reverse polarity relay I bought

How this should be wired up

Both work 100% as planned when wired on their own, but once I wire then to work together is when there is an issue, this is how I have wired them up for now

The issue I have is if the PWM is set bellow 35% - 50% duty, the reverse polarity relay won’t trigger the polarity

As both PWM controller and the reverse polarity relay are not polarity changeable, I was thinking something wired like this might work, keeping both right polarity and full volts

The issue I have is I don’t know what relay and the wiring to the (yellow) relay is for this to work, and help is much appreciated


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The motor runs off the power from the PWM.
The relay and switches run from the battery. (They do not care what the PWM duty cycle is)