Pulse motor assistance required

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Hi all, I'm after some advice/help if you guys would be kind enough to assist.

I've got a real fascination with pulse motors, the type "lidmotor" makes on YouTube. I've gone as far as replicating one of his circuits, with mild success ( randomly stops every now and again for no reason, but can be manually restarted). I would like to know how and why the circuit works, along with how to choose the correct valued resistors/capacitors to make such a circuit work. I would like to make my own circuit eventually and not copy someone else but to be able to do that I need to fully understand the fundamentals.

I will attach a screenshot of the circuit I have built along with another circuit that I would also like to build but is a little more complex, I.e, incorporates capacitors.

Any advice or guidance will be great appreciated. Thanks in advance.