Re-wiring a FTVOGUE Stepper motor Controller PWM Pulse

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I am wiring a controller to a stepper motor. The controller has a forward/reverse button which is a press button, press once for forward and press again for reverse. I want to change it to a three way rocker switch which has 6 terminals in three pairs which means making the press button redundant and wiring in the rocker. I know how to wire the rocker switch from Youtube. My problem is I know nothing about electronics. I have attached two photos of the controller one showing the top and the other the circuitry on the reverse side.. The forward/reverse button is at the upper right and on the other side are the 6 soldered terminals at the upper left. I think I need to wire the rocker into those 6 terminals but I do notknow what needs to go where. I have seen a video of this which appears to show 2 wires from the rocker going to the middle two terminals on the controller but the other two wires are not clear to see.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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