PTC - help source small PTC

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I need help, please, finding a small PTC heater.
PTC must fit within a brass cylinder 6mm diameter x 30mm max PTC length (body L).
If PTC is cylindrical, max diameter needs to be roughly 4mm to provide clearance within the cylinder. If rectangular plate, PTC can be 6mm wide.
12VDC, 30-36W (appr. 2.5-3A). T max range 150-200C.
Must reach maxT within about 5-10 sec (dry in air) and not exceed maxT by more than roughly 10% (no runaway heating...)
Total "on" time in range of 10-20 seconds, cycle frequency greater than 5 minutes.
I know it's high wattage for the small size, but hoping there is something out there.
Currently using small coil of R wire, but need to limit max T in case circuit locks on (safety factor).
Ideas other than PTC?

Application info if interested:
PTC will be covered with a fiberglass braid (wire insulation) rated to 1000C. The braid acts as a wick for a propylene glycol solution. The heat vaporizes the glycol, and airflow over the wick produces a cloud of "smoke". Basically a large version of an e-cigarette.