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I find that if I have to adjust, say, a power supply to 2V, I am more comfortable seeing 2.009V on the display than 1.999.

This makes no rational sense as it is further from the target, and in practice it is unlikely to make any difference, but somehow I want to see that 2 on the display.

Do you have this feeling?


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Yes. Absolutely. I will spend a good 5-10 minutes fiddling with dials until it says exactly the value I want (to the precision of the screen, anyway).

Edit: but if it's off a bit, I'm happier to see it slightly higher than slightly lower.

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:) I often use four or more meters simultaneously a critical nodes in the circuit, tinkering with the resolution to my preference, particularly before the process, of acceptance testing at a third parties facility. Time consuming yes on the front-end on the back-end, calibration procedural base documentation. worth it. Only if the
darn thing passes .:D