psu cables "copper wire?


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This is single core wire. It is much more likely to break with movement or vibration. Multi-strand wire is much better in this respect.
What exactly are you connecting to what?
Is this a permanent connection or a temporary one?


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Remember that while coated with color, they are not "insulated" wires. Odds are high if they simply rub on something, they may short out to other wires or chassis.
As MrChips points out, 28AWG wire is very small, fine wire. It won't carry much current at all. In a PSU, all you can use it for is signal lines, not power wires.

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Sorry, my second post was unrelated. The second post was referring to these wires

I want to use the clear color copper wires. They are silver plated teflon.

The seller told me it's pure copper with Sn (Tin). Would this be okay for my PSU cables? It will be used for everything in my PSU; it's a Corsair SF600. He also said the cables are 18awg.

I'm just a little concerned because I'm no expert and you guys mentioned about purity of copper in this thread.



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I'm a bit confused about why you are so concerned about the cables for a power supply. Is it really that critical for you to spend money that you don't have to spend. Is this a "golden ears"/"audiophile" thing?


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You still have not said what you plan to do with the wire except use it on a PSU on your computer.
You have not stated how many amps you need to conduct in the wire.

In critical situations here are factors that matter:

1) Size of wire (AWG)
2) Length of wire
3) Electrical resistivity of wire
4) Voltage breakdown of insulation
5) Temperature rating of insulation
6) Amperage
7) Single core vs stranded
8) Wire flexibility
9) Ambient temperature
10) Heat dissipation
11) Electrical Code
12) Cost

Have I missed anything?