Completed Project Project: Wire measuring tool for protoboard projects.

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Actually I finished this one up before my stroke, but a lot of my electronics tools have been misplaced or lost, so I had to make a new one. This is a 3D printed part, if anyone wants one drop me a PM. I figure it is worth around $2 in time and shipping. Dallas Maker Space i closed for the duration of the Corona virus emergency, so it will be a while. Here is what it looks like:

Measurement Tool A.jpg

It is super glued to the wire stripping tool.

Here is my CAD view:

Wire Stripper Tool 3.png

I have attached the .stl file which is what you ill need to print your own. Add a 1" skirt around it so it will stick to the bed properly. I use ABS plastic. You can use a sharpie to highlight the 0.1" markings. Th first one was much prettier because my eyes were not messed up by the stroke and I had the use of both hands (I am paralyzed on my left side).

Since the forum software dos no accept the .stl extension I packed it in a zip file. Amazon offers a kit that very reasonably priced. I went ahead and ordered one.

Not sure if the link will come through, please let me know if it doesn't.


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Hi Wendy,

I am used to the Starett nomenclature for rulers. This may help:

Type 4R is all typical English (imperial) measure. The sides differ in coarseness.
Type 6R is all decimal English measure. One side is coarse, and the other is finer.
Type 7R has typical English measure on one side and decimal English on the other. It or 6R are my most used rulers.

Of course, there are metric versions and combination metric/English versions, but for laying out PCB's, I find either 6R or 7R most useful ( I use 7R -- 10 mil is hard to see.)