Wire gauge guidance with respect to bluetooth/amplifier/speaker project

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Hi all,
I'm going to attempt to re-use some speakers from an old stereo and connect a Bluetooth board and an amplifier board and power supply. I'd like to buy some wire for this and future projects, but i don't know which kind of wire to buy. I was looking at something like this box'o'wires.
Which gauge should I get? Can I use the same gauge wire for connecting power and carrying audio signal?


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the wire gauge depends also on it's length coz of the reactive(inductive) + active voltage drop
but usually it's not the wire but terminals' connection points that have worse resistance (partly because the different metals form thermo-pairs that in turn boost the chemical corrosion there -- gold plated contact are relatively affordable -- when you can allocate -- a whole-sale store willing to deal with you . . . back at prev. decade the plug that cost 1.5$ cent at primary w/s-store cost 2.5$ at secondary ... but then at the promotion!!-price it cost 37$ of "normal" 47$ at the component shop not primarily selling these items ... and it was not gold plated antenna adapter 3k% margin yay . . . there likey was some 10 re-sellers in that chain at the time)