Project Suggestion for an old PSU

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IDK if I am putting this in the right place. However I just took apart an old computer and can't re use the power supply. Any nifty project I can do with one of these specs are below. I have used a computer PSU of these in the past to make a bench PSU with mixed results wondering if anyone else has a good suggestion for this one.

peak 300W, rated 250W

+12v1 / 10.0A (Max)
+5v / 18.0A (Max)
+3.3v / 16.0A (Max)
+12v2 / 14.0A (Max)
+5vsb / 2.5A (Max)
-12v / 0.03A (Max)


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Keep in mind that if using for a bench supply, the power common is usually at earth ground potential.
Important to know if using a 'scope' etc.