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I just ran across this advertisement. Looks like a good project for those with the skill to make it. Despite the label, it is not a gun. It appears to be an RF transmitter with very limited range.


No comment about why one would want or need to immobilize an unmanned drone or quad-copter which is less than 1200 feet away.;)

ps, uncertain which Forum to use. I do not intend to make one because I am not skilled in RF. Perhaps, "Chat"? Moderate as you see fit.


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It looks like they "overrule" the RF signal of the owner with the "gun" to bring the drone down.
A directed beam will have more effective power than the owners transmitter.
They must know the protocol that is used to control the drone.



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most drones use a frequency of around 2.4 ghz for control. older microwave ovens operate with hundreds of watts at about 2.4 ghz. not very safe, but could be used. caution, very unsafe if you dont know what your doing.


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Barrage noise jamming would be a good technique to blind a drone. Take a 2.4 Ghz VCO and drive it with a noise source. It forces the AGC of the drone receiver to reduce sensitivity to the point where it can not receive the control signal. Add a high gain antenna and you have built your own "drone defeater". Sounds like fun.


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I believe the FCC regulation is 100 mW (+20 dbm) at the input to the antenna. If the antenna has 12 db of gain then the effective radiated power is over a watt. I might have to pull out my radar book and calculate the intercept ranges.

My shotgun of choice is a Remington 1187, modified choke.


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I like the feel of a good combat pump shotgun rocking somethings world. My Drone weapon of choice would be my Winchester 1300 if they all gained super-intelligence and decided we should all be Grey goo. :eek:


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Actually FCC part 15 applies to one of us building a drone blaster (unlicensed, not for sale). In the 2.4 Ghz frequency band the maximum power is 1 watt. But it does specify that you must cease transmission if you interfere with a licensed transmission. I assume that the drone transmitters are licensed. So, I don't see how anyone can legally sell a drone "jammer", like the one #12 linked to in post #1.


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I don't think drones require a license, so your fighting the same power ..... with only the distance between you and the controller as the factor.

on edit ....

depending on the video system aboard your quad copter, you could be required to hold an Amateur Radio License ....

Therefore, when you use disabling emissions to bring that drone down, you are NOT interfering with the video the controller see's on their licensed equipment. :)
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I don't think drones require a license, so your fighting the same power ..... with only the distance between you and the controller as the factor.
There are a few factors that work in the jammers favor. One, the drone transmitter antenna is omni-directional, which has at best 3 db of gain, while the jammer antenna is very narrow beam width easily yielding well over 12 db of gain. Two, typically the distance from controller to drone is very large while the distance from jammer to drone is very small. Many factors are in the jammers favor. If the drone controller is unlicensed then it shares the 1 watt power limitation of the jammer. It could be done.


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No matter what license you have(or don’t have), or what unlicensed band you are experimenting on, you may not intentionally or un-intentionally interfere with a radio signal. Even an un-licensed or exempt R/C signal.

This is what started the FCC.

And I’m sure the FAA takes jurisdiction at some level over your house.

If I had a FCC or a FAA license, I would lay off the drones ‘til these privacy issues are resolved.