Drone Defender Project suggestion


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You ain't seen nuthin' yet. I only post a tiny portion of what I know for fear of showing up on the NSA radar.
I am afraid it is far too late for a lot of us that post here... It would be nice if they would at least have the courtesy to reply something to the effect of "Ha ha, caught you again."

Glenn Holland

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Sort of off topic, but still on the subject of dromes.

A condo in my building is for sale and the real estate agent hired a drone service to make a video with an aerial view of the entire property. The problem is my patio is covered with junk that normally can't be seen from the unit that's for sale. However, with the drone video, my raunchy patio is now up for public viewing.

On the bright side, I don't engage in nude sunbathing so there's nothing embarrassing for the world to see. :p