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Lynne Perry

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I have a vintage Toshiba laptop which I believe has a bad power port (moving the plug allows it to see power but not start). I found one in the same series of laptops in great condition in Europe and purchased. The owner had tested and sent screen shots before shipment. It came with an AC Adapter with the following specs: Input 100V-240V AC, 0.7A-0.4A 50/60Hz, Output 18VDC 1.7A. It came with a European 2-prong plug which I replace with a US standard 2 prong plug. Checked the output voltage and got 18VDC. The laptop will not boot up. It lights up the power input indicator but that's it.
I am not familiar with European to US electrical swaps and would appreciate any direction.


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Given the wide range of input to the power supply, it is likely the only difference is the plug on the end of the power supply cord, as you surmised. I can’t think of any reason why it would not boot.



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Maybe a better title would be "Failed" project, instead of "Completed" project. Maybe that is something management here will consider?


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"Completed Projects" label removed from thread title. -That label has special meaning on this forum.

It looks like the problem lies within the laptop, not the power supply. If there is a way you can verify the output voltage while the laptop is powered-up to make sure the power supply is not being loaded down that might give additional information concerning where the problem is.

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Lynne Perry

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Thanks. I should be able to find a way
To do that. And my apologies, not sure how that was on my post. I typed in the in progress title. I'll be more careful