Project Help - a bioreactor and two pinch valves.

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I need to add a circulation line to a bioreactor and control the line with two pinch valves. The valves I will use are the following:
Controlling the valves will be through a computer. I will need to use data acquisition and LabView. I will need to use a TTL switch to make the valves TTL. The valve should open when the digital out pin is set high (5V) and close when the digital output pin is set low (0V). I need help with choosing the right switch that can operate with the valves. I hope you guys can help me with this..


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a: place a diode over the solenoid.
b: use a Nmosfet able to run 30V
c: place a resistor 47K between gate and source. ( source to gnd)
d: connect resistor 1K between TTL output and gate.
e: connect drain to anode of diode
f: Power - to gnd +12V to kathode of diode.