Project bike - Need help with wiring

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General idea - Running headlight, handle bar switch, led brake light/turn signals, to a 12v or 48v rechargeable battery. The catch - the brake light needs to be activated when braking the brake lever. The LED is a clever design. Simple LED strip, with turn signals, red brake light function. I've built the mechanical side of the motor bike, but i have not a clue about the electrical side. What i do know, is that instead of using coils within the fly wheel, to charge the battery, i dont want to rob the motor from any power (nor pay 100 bucks for the new flywheel, coils, electric start) at least not till later. For now, i would like to use a rechargeable 12v or 48v. IM expecting the run time to be rather short, 4 - 6 hours ? Anyway, really just need the headligh, brake light, and turn signals to get it street legal.

Like i said, i have not the slightest clue on where to begin, but heres what i would like to use.

LED Strip w/ brake light, turn signals
im thinking ill need this wiring harness,aps,153&sr=8-5
the battery
brake levers

Thanks for any info you can provide.