Student project on a rehabilitation bike

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For an internship project I must program a motor that will be used on a bike for rehabilitation purposes:

Components (see scheme p.2):

  • Resistor TE TJT500 3R3 J 2040 (TE connectivity)
    • 500 W
  • Power supply: TSP 600-148 (Traco power).
    • 48 VDC
    • 600W
    • 12.5A (Imax)
  • ODrive board: Odrive v3.6, 56V
    • Firmware version : 0.5.5.
    • A power supply (12V-56V for the 56V board variant). A battery is also fine.
  • Motor TSDZ2
    • 500 W
  • Relays
  • RaspberryPi 4 Model B

    I would like to ensure that no negative current will flow back to the power supply, can I put a diode or a MOSFET, if yes, how to choose it and how will the electrical power will be dissipated ?
    I worked great with the power supply but when I tried with a battery, the resistance exploded at the moment when I switched it on, have you an idea why ?

    Any help appreciated,
    Thank you !


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What is the purpose of the resistor?
Is its resistance 3.3 ohms?

Your posted diagram is too blurry to see any pertinent details.