Project about CE amplifier on PSPICE

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Hi I'm working on my project about CE amplifier on PSPICE.

The circuit given to me is attached below.

1. The first question was 'set bias point'.

So what I thought was for DC, capacitor is open circuit. And if we increases V_in, it will cause increase of I_c which will make this transistor saturated.

Thus using DC sweep, I've arbitrary chosen the V_in where Vce>Vbe, that is about 640mV. Is this bias OK?

2. The second question is 'DC gain' with the bias point I've made. But I've never heard about DC gain on CE amplifier. What's DC gain?

3. Problem asked me to find pole frequency of this CE amplifier. But how can I find pole from here?

Maybe I can get pole frequency by changing this circuit on small signal model, but how can I prove that on PSPICE?

Which source should I add to check the pole on V_in?

Thank you