Problem With Math In Quotations

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Hello there,

In this thread in the Homework section:
Transmission lines problem

I had quoted the original starting post which had a lot of math in it with symbols for math. It might be Latex or Tex or something like that.

What happens is that the original math symbols look very nice with some bold symbols and some math symbols.
Then, when you reply to that post, the quotation of that post messes up the entire math text making it look very cryptic as every little code is shown rather than the math symbols the way they were originally intended to be displayed as in the post itself you are replying to. It makes the quotation unreadable.

This is one of the reasons I am not a big fan of Latex and other math rendering for web-based articles and the like. Sometimes the underlying software or whatever does not interpret it correctly. It can render the entire article useless.
This problem is not as bad as that, but it would force the reader to backtrack to the original post to see what that quote really was.