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    Aug 8, 2016
    Hi everyone, I am a new member in the forum as i am a new member to the world of circuits and electronics.
    I have been working lately on a small project: "a line follower" using arduino uno.
    here s the list of components i ve got: 4 -1.5V Dc motors
    jumper wires
    2- SparkFun RedBot Sensor - Line Followe
    9V battery
    A small breadboard
    My problem comes with the diodes, resistors ....
    i don t know how to plug them all together using the best manner using the arduino uno and what kind of protection i need exactly to have everything safely plugged.
    Hope som1 can help me with my project.
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    Since you are a complete novice, you will need to rely on following the work of others until your skill level increases. So as suggested, find a project that comes close to what you want to do and try to reproduce it. The simpler the better. You WILL make mistakes – we all do – and you will need to diagnose where your errors are. Every complexity in the circuit will make this more difficult. Go methodically, one step at a time, and try to not do anything that you don't understand as you do it.

    You may want to play with a few LED projects before moving on to your robotics project. Make LEDs flash and dim the way you want first. Motors and moving parts add complexity and may not be the best place to start.