printer problem not solving

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I have a hp printer which I tried to set up with my router, but due to some problem, the setup process was failed every time. I searched many websites for the solution and learned about and got the solution. But I couldn't apply the solution. What should I do now?


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You don't mention the router make and model, you don't mention if you are trying to setup a wired or wireless connection. You also do not mention if the printer drivers were installed in the correct order or the operating system on the computer. When installing a new printer it important to follow a certain sequence like installing the drivers before connecting the printer. Details are important.



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What should I do now?
How about go back into the kitchen and bake a cake? I say this, because you will be following a recipe. What is a recipe? It is a step-by-step procedure used to accomplish a specific goal (in this case, bake a cake).

To solve YOUR problem, we are going to need a recipe of exactly what you have done and what you need to have done.

What printer model?
What router model?
What protocol are you trying to use?
Why didn't the solution that you applied from HP work for you? What error message did it give you?
What is your OS?
Is it a chocolate or vanilla cake?
Will it be a sugar frosting, or cream frosting?
Etc, etc, etc.