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    Jul 29, 2010
    i atempted to fix a hp deskjet 3050 today it has been giving us problems with the paper pickup it kept pulling the paper on only one side that made it go i crocked and jam. i originaly thought it was a roler or paper. till it hapened agin after wiping dust off the rolers. cleaned them using hp directions using a qtip and distiled water still nothing worked. it is not a system problem because i tryed a test page on the printer itself and would do it. we dicided it was usless the way it was working so i took it 95% apart and cleaned it out as well as pulled the springs off the roler mechinasim that keeps the rolers tight i put a .5 turn twist in the spring so that hopfully if they were loose that will tighten them up slightly. apeared to work. hopfully this fixes the isue because when they get loose the reller is in a bearing type thing in the center with a drive off 1 end. this roller will rock beck and forth so if the springs were messed up only one roller would touch.

    i hope it is fixed however i would like to know if anybody has any ideas or any thing on fixes incase it is not fixed. i also saw some lever thing that pushed the rolers out apeared to have somthing to do with the pickup so it didn't pickup a bunch. i rolled the grears a little and the arm released so not sure if it is jaming in the feed mechinism or it is the roler.

    printer is a fairly cheap one but it is like 3/4 of a year old so it seems early to be junk but possible. i remmber when seting it up i was not a big fan of the vertical paper feed. but figured it should be fine but maybe not i have had more experince working with horizontal feed printers and liked the mbecause they seemed to work like forever. figured it was hp witch is mostly what i have worked with so should be ok. if this is dead i think if possible try and see if horizontal feed are still avalable. not sure this makes a big diference but kind of makes sense to me.

    any ideas on posible solutions and if i am wrong about the pickup types of printers. will post back if isue comes up again witch i hope it doesn't but based on the other fixes not working it probly will.
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    My experience with failing Epson printers in most cases (when thechnician was willing to explain) were bad sensors.
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    In my experience if you have already cleaned and checked the printer, change the paper with "NEW" paper. Sometimes when paper sits for a while, it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and makes it so that the printer can't grab it properly, thus causing it to go in on an angle, causing a jam.
    Also, if a sensor were out, the printer should indicate an error, if it doesn't, I would contact the manufacturer and ask them for what to do from here.

    The manufacture recommends that when you clean the rollers for the printer that you do NOT use alcohol, but instead use water. Also there is a step by step video on YouTube on how to clean the printer.
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    i did i used distilled water and alowed it to dry for a while i tryed 2 differnt types of paper both have been opened. the stuff we initily had isues with was hp paper and worked fine for a while then i tryed some hever feeling hamermill or simi;ar brand paper and did the same thing. think it was a fairly charp like 40-50 or less$ all in one so it is may be a case where you get what you pay for.