Prevent overcurrent tripping during large voltage dips and enable fault ride-through in PV battery system

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M Malick

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I want to make a circuit or control system that helps to prevent overcurrent tripping large voltage dips and continuously worked even overcurrent occurs in a PV(solar panels/Photovoltaic) battery system. What I do, tells me the circuit or component which helps to obtain an objective.


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More information needed, what exactly need to do.
"Large voltage dips" do not lead directly to an overcurrent trips


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You need to know the cause of the voltage dipping problem first. The reason for the voltage sag on the inverter may be due to not enough solar power available. It could be due to
insufficient battery capacithy to the inverter. It could also be due to an overcurrent event that exceeds the inverter output rating and the output is folding back to prevent damage
from a load that exceeds the inverter ratings. It could be any or all that I have mentioned here and the fix will depend on which of these I have mentioned needs fixing. A robust system
generally needs enough solar panels to provide power to the loads and still have enough left over to charge the battery bank fully before sundown. There needs to be enough battery
capacity to maintain the overnight loads. Additionally, you need an inverter that is large enough to provide enough peak power to ride through a load surge without tripping a circuit
breaker. Your system may need to have someone come in to evaluate your issue that has the correct equipment to diagnose your issues. There is really no way to fix it without more
Good luck