Preferred board to use for prototyping

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I need to know the preferred board to use for prototyping.
I had gotten 2 different breadboard ( cheap I think ), that came with an Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
Well, the smaller one apparently has some continuity problems and I threw it away. Forcefully, after spending about 3 hours trying to figure out what was wrong.
So, if I wanted to get a better quality board, what would I get ?



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I haven't had any problems with Continental Specialties or El Instruments. Most of my breadboards were acquired 35-40 years ago and I'm not certain if either brand still exists.

Don't abuse them by inserting leads that are too thick and don't try using wire jumpers that are too thin. #24 wire is almost too thin (but I use it because I have spools of solid CAT5 cable, so it's cheap), #18 is too thick, #22 is just right (but I balk at paying 7-8 cents/foot).

You can sometimes tell the low quality ones by looking in the holes to see of types of contacts used. Better ones will have the contacts bent to assist the insertion of leads.

Buy from reputable sources. If the price seems too good to be true, you're probably getting some crap that isn't even worth a second thought.

When breadboarded circuits don't work, the typical troubleshooting methods will isolate any connectivity problems. I have had the ends of nicked wires break off...


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preferred board to use for prototyping

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