Preference of one circuit over another

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    Feb 18, 2014
    Hey guys

    In order to get a PWM signal I have chosen to use the second circuit with the Schmitt Trigger and Comparators. However the 555 timer circuit is also a valid method to obtain a PWM Signal. My question is are there any drawbacks of the 555 timer circuit so that I may explain why I chose to go with my circuit implementation. I have to make a Pugh matrix for these circuits so in terms of flexibility, cost, implementation which one do you guys think is better, and why?
    The only point I have right now is that I need a 200kHz signal and since the frequency is large the second circuit is easy to go with. Is this a valid assumption or no?

    Thanks guys.
  2. Dodgydave

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    Jun 22, 2012
    go with the 555 timer, its designed for timers and oscillators, less components,less to go wrong, to alter the speed change C1.
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  3. OBW0549

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    Mar 2, 2015
    I'd say go with the 555 circuit, but make one change: use a CMOS 555 like the LMC555 or the TLC555. They take less power and they can work at higher frequencies.
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    Feb 18, 2014
    I already went ahead with the other configuration and after slaving for hours got my simulations to work and so I can't really go with the 555 timer, I wish I would've done that before.
    Is there any justification I can give for going with the other circuit configuration?
    I basically have to explain why I chose this over the 555 timer circuit.