Powering multiple LED signs from AC

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I have some cute signs that are lit by LED's embedded in them. I have 6 signs, and each one is individually powered by 2 AAA batteries.
I was hoping to string them all together and power them with an AC adapter of some sort.
It can't be as simple as wiring them in parallel to a 3V DC power source, can it (he asks, anticipating the answer No)?
What do I do?


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A cheap adapter can produce 3V at 1A but produce unregulated 10V to blow up your LEDs at a lower current than 1A. You need an AC/DC adapter with a regulated 3.0V output. Connect it with the correct polarity.


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I did purchase a 1A, 3V DC power adapter and that is what I was going to use. I wanted to hear from some pros before I screwed it up, though.
Thanks for the advice!
Just get the polarity correct. Most of the newer ones actually use a small switch mode power supply so they have regulated voltage out. As per AG that is what you want. Since they don't have a transformer they are very lightweight.