Power Source Selector circuit design guide

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I have two different power supply for Raspberry Pi, one is a buck converter 50V input 5V output for pi and another is a 3.7V Li-ion battery with a boost converter. The battery is mainly for backup, the main power source is a buck converter. So the logic is when the main power supply(Buck) will be unavailable that time battery will give power to Rpi otherwise main power supply always in priority. When 50V input will be available the relay will cut the battery supply.

I have made these circuit for power source selector with that mentioned logic.

The fact is I have already made those two power supply modules already. PCB and testing already completed and both are working properly. Now, the requirement is I have to include both modules whose outputs will be coupled at RPi input.
My Question is there any clever alternative method rather than mentioned logic? Please give your valuable suggestions.
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