Power Recliner issue

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I bought a "broken dual motor recliner" from rooms to go outlet... discovered a few Issues...

The control box was faulty... so I got a new exact one... and one of the motors was missing, so I bought an exact replacement motor...

There was no remote so I bought a few and here is where I am stuck.

The PDF is a parts list for the chair (well, a similar exact one by Ashley)


When I connect power to the control box and all the motors and a "different 6 button remote" 5 pin connector- the remote does nothing other than a few buttons light up.. but nothing happens to the motors...

So... I am curious...

  1. How do I directly hard wire the 5 pin cable on the motor(s)... to confirm they work.
  2. Are remotes that different, that none of them work if they are not the exact model that the chair is sold with (The original remote is not available on anything I can find)
I just put in an order for a new power supply just to rule that out. The one I have has a faint green light... not very bright.. not glowing like my other power supplies... so I thought I would at least try that. Multimeter shows power from it though...

ok... any help would be great... Thank you!


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In the absence of a schematic, or someone who happens to know about this particular chair, you'll need to trace the connections from inside the remote to inside the chair and its control board.

It shouldn't be very difficult, though possibly tedious, and then you can test your conclusions using any remote you have possibly by rewiring bits of it.


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Probably the connections on any part of the system will be different on different brands, that is intentional. It is so that only OEM repair parts can be used. Even if the item is the same, the connections will intentionally be different. That difference includes motors, remotes, battery backups, and whatever else there may be.So you will need to find, or produce, a drawing showing connections. And then adapt to it.


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If the connectors are not molded onto the cables it may not be so very difficult Most motors like that have only 2 wires.. No position feedback. You can use a meter to find which two are the motor to do your check.


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If those are the 5 or 6 pn DIN connectors they are simple to open But the circuit for the remote control takes a bit more effort to trace out.