Power One CP-131-A

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I have a box contained Power-One CP-131-A, linear power supply. I discovered a missing datasheet. I also have other Power-One power supplies that came with the datasheets.

The datasheet contained specifications, physical dimensions, parts lists, schematics, instructions for configuration, and others. The problem that I cannot find the document on the Internet. The Power-One sold to Bel Power. I contacted them three months ago. They said that they refused to release the schematic for my unit. I copied another datasheet to give them an example. They did not respond to me back for over three months. I was disappointed with this company for its failure to submit me per my request. I surely missed the Power-One because they were very reliable and excellent customer support.

I hope anyone of you may have an original Power-One datasheet for the CP-131-A (International series). I appreciate receiving a copy through high-resolution scanning and attach to an email to me or post on this forum.

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