Power on a GPS when you turn on a VHF radio?

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The radio has a turn on switch - volume knob in one control.
I was thinking I could open up the radio and find the internal power connection for when the switch turns on.
But is there another way to do this without opening up the radio?

And I assume the current load would be small enough for the marine radio to handle it?
When such a radio broadcasts, amp usage jumps to 4 or more amps from 0.5 amps just listening.
This is the gps I got.
The GPS is powered with 12vdc as is vhf radio.


Otherwise I will need to use a switch, maybe the ignition switch with accessory position, or another switch that will switch power to radio on and off apart from the radio itself, which is more clumsy but lots of people do it because they dont know how to do anything else I suppose and its easy.