Power for 2 Salvaged LCD Panels

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Tony Stephens

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Hi folks,

I am SUPER NEW to electronics! I've been an application developer & .Net coder for 20+ years & since COVID I've developed an interest in the nuts & bolts too. I've recently salvaged 2 LCD panels from old PC's (1 * HP 19" all-in-one desktop & 1 * 15" HP Laptop). I've managed to get the controller boards etc.. for the LCDs, but now I'm at the power supply stage.

I've been to panelook.com & checked out the specs (attached) ideally I'd like to hook these up to a single power supply as they will be both mounted in the same display frame. The 19" is the Primary display and the thinner Samsung display will fold/slide out to the side to create an extra display as needed.

So my question is:
Is it possible to have one power source than can meet the demands of both displays?

I really hope that's not too vague...



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Tony Stephens

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hi Tony.
Welcome to AAC.
They use different power voltages, 3.3V versus 5V.
I would suggest you use just the best panel of the two for an external display.
Hehe, I was afraid someone was going to say that. OK thanks Eric, I will still use both but I guess I'll have to get 2 separate power supplies. ☹ Still, cheaper than buying 2 new LCD panels.


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Around here, it's not unusual to find LCD monitors for free. I'm currently using a 27" widescreen Samsung (with HDMI/DVI/VGA and LED backlighting) that was sitting on a lawn next to a smaller LCD TV and an inkjet printer. Other sources are thrift stores, recycle bins, Freecycle, or online classified ad sites.

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Tony Stephens

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Hi all, an update to my question & another question follows - sounds like life doesn't it. Hehe.

I have received the controller boards for the 2 LCD screens I have. They both have the same input rating of 12v and 2a+ (as the documents state "the power current is recommend to be 2A or greater than 2A").

So my question is could I use something like this to run both panels? Or an alternative might be this as it has a max of 8.5 amps which would allow me to add an extra panel later if I need as I believe this PSU has adjustable output and has a max of 12.5 amps.

Any advice appreciated - thanks all!


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I don't see any problem using one 12V supply for both so long as the control modules deliver the appropriate voltages. LCD's also require a negative voltage, and that is probably generated by the respective drivers. As for data, matching 3.3V to 5V and vica versa is not hard. The search term is "level shifter." Lots of circuits. Some are very simple; others use IC's.

You will need to more detail about the digital interface(s) from the datasheets than the snippet you posted. I presume it is there.