power distribution and electret microphones (voltage dividers and voltage regulators)

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i recently got some electret elements that are spec'd for 3v. i've been using a 9v with a voltage divider and it seems to be working ok, but i'd like to get a better sense of what's going on. am i wasting a lot of power with something like that? will it drain the battery quickly? would a voltage regulator waste less power? if so, how much? do voltage dividers or voltage regulators make any impact on the audio quality of the microphone?

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Please post the datasheet for your electret mic to see its specs. If it has no datasheet then look at the datasheets of a few of the hundreds of electret mics at digikey.com.

Most electret microphones have a typical operating voltage of 3V but a maximum allowed operating voltage of 10V, the typical current draw is 0.35mA.
Then with a 9V supply filtered with a series 1k and a 47uF capacitor to ground, a series resistor feeding the mic will be (9V - 3V)/0.35mA= 17k ohms minus the 1k ohms. I always use a 10k resistor in series with a 1k filtering resistor when the supply is a 9V battery so that the mic still works when the battery has dropped to 5V.

The electret mic has a Jfet in it that forms a voltage divider with the series resistor that powers it so adding your own voltage divider kills the output level from the mic and also kills the battery.

If you connect a 3V battery to an electret mic then the very low resistance of the battery will kill the output signal. Each mic needs to have its own series 10k resistor.



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The "10K" Resistor is not a magic number.
What You should be going for is half of the Battery-Voltage across the Resistor, and
therefore, also, half of the Battery-Voltage across the Mic-Element.
This creates a 50% Bias at the Mic Output, and
provides the maximum, non-distorted, Output capability.

Since the Load on the Output of the Mic is so low, (100K),
huge Bulk-Storage-Electrolytic-Capacitors offer no advantages,
a single 1uf Ceramic-Cap will do everything needed,
and provide a much lower High-Frequency-Impedance.