Power Button Wiring Woes

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Hello All About Circuits Community,

I'm currently in the process of building my own custom PC, and I've hit a snag when it comes to wiring the power on/off button. I've connected it correctly to the motherboard according to its manual, but I'm having trouble figuring out the connections on the button itself.

The seller has provided some information, but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to match the design of my button. I've made a guess at how it should be wired, but it's purely speculative at this point.

Here's where I could really use some assistance: Is it safe for me to experiment with different wiring combinations to see if I can get the button to work, or would that potentially damage the motherboard?

Alternatively, if anyone happens to know the correct wiring setup for this type of button, I would greatly appreciate the insight.

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You need a continuity meter to discern which switch terminals correspond to C and NO (common and normally open presenting continuity when button is pressed to on.) Those will take your wires marked 'power sw' in any order.
The two wires marked 'power led+' and 'power led -' are to light up the switch face. Those two can be discerned by testing combinations of any other two of the unused switch terminals when the compfuser is on. Wrong order cannot damage anything as its led will turn on only in one polarity.

One image shows like the switch can be disassembled???. That should help identify what is which terminal ?

---> If this is it, its data sheet should be explanatory. ---> https://www.e-switch.com/product-catalog/pv7-series-illuminated-sealed-anti-vandal-switch
Or tell us what is it..1708355588917.png

Tell us also the color of the smoke...:p
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If what I see in post #2 applies, then the outermost terminals of the four in a row will be the ones that connect when you press the button those two will get te green and the black wires. Then the red would go to the one of the other two on the side with that little dot/hole, and the white would go to the other of the two.
That is how I read the pictures.