Power Bank PCB does not sustain 5V loads

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So i tried and designed a 3,7V LiPo battery bank PCB for a project and failed.

The good:
The LiPo is charged via the USB type C port with 2-3 Amps to 4.2V and does not explode.
I can discharge the LiPo with 2.4A over the USB type c port.

The bad:
I can not get more than 100mA sustained from the VOUT lane (this lane is also conntected to an USB type A header)
I can not get more than 100mA from the USB-A socket, the chip cuts the 5V power to the socket after 1-2s after a load is attatched.

Shorting the DMA and DPA pins did nothing.
I need the VOUT lane to supply 5V and 2A for a project so here is my schematic, maybe you can see something i miss.
The board design is based on the IP5310 chip.

IP5310 schematic

Schematic_USB C charger_2021-12-06.png

If you need more information or files let me know.