Post mysteriously has text appear with strikethrough

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    {Spoiler: This story of PEBCAC ends with me finding the editing options that would have resulted in my early demise as an idiot. PEBCAC== Problem Exists Between Computer And Chair.}

    Have you ever had your post's text appear as if it were struck out? Like this? And you don't want it that way?

    I know of others who've complained of this malady. I found the formatting codes that cause this to happen and shared them.

    Then it happened to me. I was quoting a post and wanted to make one of the words plural while indicating that it differed from the quoted text. In normal writing, one would include the change in square brackets to indicate the difference.

    But, here's the rub. An "s" enclosed in square brackets is the code for strike through. "/s" is the end code. Without that end code, my post from that point on was rendered in strikethrough font.

    First, what I tried to correct this problem.

    When I went to edit, the code did not appear. Since strikethrough is not one of the common codes, I couldn't highlight the text and click on a button. Which I could have done for bold, italic or underline.

    So I inserted an end code right where it began. Then, the forum software inserted another end code at the post end automagically. Not sure why. Couldn't delete it, so I inserted another start code just before it. The post then looked "normal". AFAIK, the post still looks that way (I am getting paranoid about software)

    Oh, and I included the plural "s", with extra spaces.

    Then it hit me. I should have copied my post into a text editor to remove the codes and then paste it into a new reply.

    I then found the "Remove all formatting" button and the "Use BB Code Editor"
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    I don't understand what you are talking about, I cannot get it to work
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    First, by manually entering the "s" contained in square brackets (hereafter referred to as the ST code), we get the problemattic post.
    So, we switch to "Use BB Code Editor", by clicking on the button in the upper right corner.
    Now we can see the ST codes.
    ...and we can delete them manually.
    And voila!, when we preview the post, it looks normal.
    By the way, you can switch back to the Rich Text editor, by clicking on the link below the lower left corner of the post.
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