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  1. nobelium98

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    Jan 9, 2015
    I have posted a long story in some other forums and I have got some answers so here is a short runover of what Im planning to build.

    Playstation 2 slim version and laptop screen in one unit.I have seen mods with small 7" screens or something along those lines but this is something I havent stumbled upon yet (At this point Im constructing sentences that are way over my skill level so grammatical mistakes are involved in this post). I hope I can manage to make it slim and quite portable (It will still be plugged into the wall, so in that sense it aint that portable). So behind the laptop screen in the housing I will make sometime will be the PS2 mainboard with disc reader (Im pretty sure there are no other components inside a ps2), two controller boards, one that will take playstation´s AV RCA whatever output and convert it into VGA. The other controller board will take the VGA and output it to LVDS (laptop screen connection).

    RCA to VGA - http://ebay.to/1xNGd7s

    VGA to LVDS - http://ebay.to/1tQE10R

    I hope that to this point everything is clear. I guess here is the first real question: Will this configuration work? The two controller boards I mean. There shouldn´t be any major problems involved but who knows, I might be missing something.

    Now to the second problem. Both controller boards need power also. RCA to VGA needs 5V 2A power and the VGA to LVDS needs 12V 2-5A power.
    So I figured that something like this would maybe work:

    I made a scheme of what I think I need to connect to what and how - http://gyazo.com/e32a121cfa0b0422c8d928ad9995f3cd (worst scheme ever but gets the job done. I hope atleast)

    Should those do the trick for "switch-mode regulators"? - http://ebay.to/1AwUWVi

    And these for splitters? - http://ebay.to/1FzbPEL

    And these plugs to connect to switch-mode regulators? - http://ebay.to/1AQfrhl

    I have figured out that I dont need to use the splitters and 5.5mm plugs, I can just wire everything up and split it that way. Premade connectors and wires would be more safe in my opinion though, those arent too expensive also. So share your knowledge and help a guy out, thanks.
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    Nov 23, 2012
    Why a laptop screen? There are cheap 12v TV monitors for the automotive market. They already have the RCA jacks that the play station can deal with.
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    Jan 9, 2015
    Well the laptop display is going to be cheaper (altough the controller boards and step-down converters will cost some extra), easier to get (already got one) and I guess its slimmer and the most car displays are smaller. Plus the experience of putting all together and getting more familiar with electronics and powering stuff.