Portable directv satellite finder convert to cell signal finder

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Dave Boothney

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I have a portable satellite dish finder for tv's that has a portable dish that rotates around and also pivots up and down.


Like this. I will provide pics.

The board that tells it when there's a signal is bad and it wasn't worth replacing it. Also I don't have directv and I like YouTube and netflix better.

So, I want to modify it to accept a high gain directional 4g cell antenna (I also have a wilson booster that works great) for when I am boondocking.

I either want to program something to look for 4g signal, or tap into the stepper motor control board and have 2 pots or rotary pulse generators move the platten so I can "find" the strongest signal manually. I realize I will have to modify the platten (where the dish is) to look down rather than up ish and all that will require is an additional bracket that pushes the top out a bit more.

My question is how do i tap into the motor control board to manually control it. Or, is there an easy way to automatically have it search for 4g? Arduino or something? I'm not interested in something super complicated and if manual "move it and wait" works then that's fine by me.

I am new to stepper motors and help is appreciated thank you!