PMSM FOC - mircocontroller POR reset after torque applied

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Krzysztof Bieda

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Hello Everyone,

Has anybody had problem like that:
My motor spins well with PMSM FOC control.

When I apply torque ( on PSU 24V, 12A) then dsPIC restarts.
I have even cheched and programed to show me the cause of restart -> it is Power-on reset.

It is not a spike on 3.3V. I have checked it many times and with many people, because that
was the first think anybody adviced me.
Three is stable 3.3V all the time ( I have added 470uF there to be sure - only for time when I struggle
with that fault).

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Is the motor ground well separated from the dsPIC ground?
The motor should have a completely separate ground to the the power supply from the dsPIC.