Please suggest me a good course / lectures for Learning Micrcontroller Hardware

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Hi All,

A small request. I would like to learn about microcontroller hardware.

My intention is to learn only about the hardware of microcontrollers. I must be able to understand the datasheet of the microcontroller independently. And a bit of programming if needed to understand the hardware circuitary.

I have looked into YouTube and google for lectures but I could not find.

Are there any good course in Udemy / coursera / MIT type of lectures where I can get a solid foundation of microcontrollers. Can someone suggest please?



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I don't think you need to take a course or watch YouTube videos. Read the datasheet and maybe post questions on appropriate technical forums.

There are microcontrollers that are "bare metal" (no operating system), and some that run Linux.

I started using a SBC based on ARM that came with Debian pre-installed; similar to Raspberry Pi. The manufacturer had a forum, and provided documentation (until they went out of business).

If I was going to buy another SBC, I'd probably go with Pi Zero W for $10 plus shipping.