Please help for my project in digital

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I have mini project in digital......
"UAV Speed, Height & Pressure Meter Display"
Display 7 segment digit for each meter of speed, height & the speed. it is based on Binary to decimal converter. Each meter takes its value from sensor out in binary.
I should use Altera DE2-70
the minimum input 3 and output 2
how I can start work?
how I can do circuit ?


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Before the block diagram, I would recommend starting with a precise description of what you are trying to achieve and what the inputs and outputs are. Your description is a bit lacking.


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You start with an understanding of how static air pressure is used to measure altitude. Then you proceed to understanding how ram air pressure is used in conjunction with the static air pressure to measure airspeed. You will have two pressure sensors that will have binary or decimal outputs. You also need to know the current barometric pressure so you can know what pressure in the static line corresponds to what altitude. So from the pressure readings you have to compute altitude and airspeed. Is that enough to get started?
Do you think you can do this all in hardware? Might a processor be useful in this context?