Please explain the operation of the relays.

Audioguru again

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I see only one relay but there are two switches. It is obvious what the relay and switches do. Also, the switches can activate the buzzer and LED without the relay.
The 2.2V or 3.2V LED will burn out instantly when the 15V is applied to it.


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You're going to have to be more specific. Explain what? The circuit? The logic? The purpose? And also, why? Is this homework, a project or just trying to learn?


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I have marked what appear to be the two relay contacts. As a start, ask yourselt what #1 does in the current position? What does it do in the other position?

Then, do the same analysis for #2.

OK, what does #1 do in each positon?

Moving to the switches marked · and ·· , are they wired "and" or "or" or something else?