Please Advice to Make DC Surge Arrester with GDT and MOV

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Please Give Me Advice to Make DC Surge Arrester with GDT and MOV circuit
Can someone give me example circuit's ?
Is a weather monitoring circuit and currently protected by earthed-grounded metal case and lightning rod in top of metal case, also have direct lightning risk, and DC supply is connected to all DC wiring in entire building, Circuit Is Running with 36v DC and 42v DC, also 500cm top of soil surface, placed outdoor
Is I also need plastic case inside metal case to add protection layer ?, from direct lightning ?


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As far as your case goes, if the entire case is well bonded to itself and ground It should have no appreciable field inside. But any ingress (wires, antennas, etc.) are vulnerabilities.

Purpose built lightning protection is available for coaxial feedlines and you should use one for that. Polyphaser is among the most reputable manufacturers. As far as other surge protection, obviously all the power lines are vulnerable. This article is about LED lighting but has a lot of good information: