PLC-Based Control System for a Three-Phase Induction Motor

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Hi..., I have a final year project which is a PLC-based control system for a three-phase induction motor. I have an electromagnetic brake on the shaft of a 380 V, 6.63 A, 3.0 kW induction motor. The plan is to get maximum efficiency on different load conditions. I have written my PLC program already, and plan on testing the efficiency on 5 different rpms with 3 different load conditions on each speed. I need a control system for the brake, can anyone help me please? I need to be able to give instructions from the PLC.


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provide info about the brake and the PLC.
Model# of brake, datasheet, manual.
Model # of PLC, installed options, communications, etc


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How do you intend obtaining/controlling the 5 rpm ranges if this is a standard induction motor?
If using a brake to do this then basically this is a Dynomometer?
And range will be very limited.