Piston Power Show Anyone Been To One?

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Last year was my first year going to The Piston Power Show, their catch phrase being If a piston Makes it go it's in the show. While an admission price of $18 USD isn't quite cheap and a $10 for a 20 ounce draft beer isn't cheap I left last years show feeling it was worth the bang for the buck. Here in Cleveland the show is at what we now call the IX Center which is a monstrous Vietnam Era converted Tank Plant. The center is adjacent to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport making it easy to bring in some incredible piston powered aircraft.

Last year I spent about 45 min just talking with the pilot who flew in a US Navy North American T-28 Trojan which many a Navair pilot made their first carrier arrested landing with off the Florida coast. They also had a minty Douglas DC 3 (Military C117 Skytrain) which we were still flying when I was stationed at MCAS Cherry Point NC making regular trips to NAS Pensecola, Florida. Both of these planes looked like they rolled off an assembly line yesterday. The C 117 was also the main workhorse during the Berlin Air Lift.

Endless array of classic muscle cars of the 60s and a great collection of motorcycles, large trucks and of course every type of tractor made if it had a piston. Also some classic military trucks and WW II vintage jeeps. Like the claim if a piston makes it go, it's in the show. After a day in the IX center and a lighter wallet by admission and three $10 beers I actually walked out feeling I would do it again (and I will on Sunday) and money well spent :)

If a piston power show event comes to an arena near you and you are into this sort of stuff I suggest you consider it.