PIR motion sensor and led flood light need guidance please help

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I have one of those "as seen on TV" solar motion lights, it's called everbrite.
It was okay for a while but I really need something brighter. I have a brighter light and a way to power it so I guess I'm just stuck on where to go from here. My goal is to have the brighter LEDs come on when going in or outside.
Could it be wired in such a way that when the motion light comes on it also turns on the brighter LEDs shown above? Which is a vehicle light but I have a 12v power supply. Or should I just get rid of the everbrite and add a different motion sensor to the brighter LEDs? I apologize if this doesn't make much sense or if there isn't enough info. I've just recently started tinkering with electronics so plz ask and I'll do my best to help. Thank you.


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Bangood, eBay, Amazon, AliExpress... Any number of outlets have them or the Ultrasonic module. Not sure which would give the best long-range detection and maybe tunable to trim for spurious signals like small animals etc. Take what you have apart and find what turns on the lights and you can use that as a trigger for external lights.


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I used a 12 volt PIR, coupled with several 9" light bars from Walmart. I use a garden tractor battery charged with a 10 watt solar panel and PWM charge controller.
The PIR, Solar panel and charger were under $40. The battery $30, and each light bar about $30. The light bar has both flood and center spot.