Piezo sensor pulser generator

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Hey folks,

a while ago i posted a thread regard using piezo to pick up drumstick strikes and use them as a pulse to drive a Decade counter that can turn on an off DIY LED displays using LED strips.

After frying a couple voltage controllers etc, the circuit is functional.

Great right?

what are your insights on using this sort if concept to act as full voltage relays.

idea: a power strip of standard A/C outlets that can be individually turned on/off or turned on/fade out triggered by the piezo pulse and decade counter?

This would allow to switching to accommodate more lighting options.


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What You need is called a "Solid-State-Relay" or SSR.
They usually have a "LED" level input, and common models can switch up to ~40-Amps / 120VAC.
They do require a Heat-Sink for ~40-Amps,
but they are completely silent, and never wear-out.