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    Aug 19, 2015
    Hello everyone...

    I am working on some interesting project with piezo material... I have my piezo tape glued on the aluminium surface, now I want it to oscillate at
    ultrasonic frequency about 25-30KHz, okay it's easy to make it oscillate with 555 timer... But main question is how to get enough power for it because
    my piezo material is preety big, and 555 output is only 200mA. I don't really know how much power my piezo need but I hope someone will help me out.
    And yes maximum operating voltage must be <60V
    Well what do I need?

    I need that my piezo oscillate at 25-30KHz and when my aluminium surface comes in contact with water. It atomise the water...
    For that I need power...

    Here is the picture of my piezo and some detailed specs...
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