Pickit2 Not detecting

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karthi keyan 9

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i am pickit2 for code dumbing. after use for some days my pickt2 tool was not detecting in the software
it is showing like

PICkit 2 not found. Check USB connections and
use Tools->Check Communication to retry.

I tried reinstalling and updating driver. still facing same issue.


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One of my PICKIT2s failed in a similar way. The firmware had become corrupted. If you have access to another PICKIT2 (Or PICKIT3) you can reload the firmware. The firmware file (PK2V02300.hex) can be downloaded from the Microchip website.



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Remove the PICKIT2 board from the casing. (Just prise it open with a screwdriver.) You will see 6 holes marked J1. These 6 holes match the programming connections on the PICKIT2 ((Or 3) that you will use to program it. I soldered a 6 pin header in mine but just pushing the header into the holes might work. I left the pins in my PICKIT2 and cut a slot into the case so that it would fit with the pins soldered into the board.
This is a picture of the board with the 6 pin header in place.
I suggest that you check that your computer can see a good PICKIT2 first or try your suspect PICKIT2 on another computer.



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I had this happen had to do like LesJones said that why i ended up making some clones so I have a spare

Lucky i had a real pickit2 they sent me a new one. that was a long time ago now tho