PICKIT 2 ICSP Schematic?

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    May 5, 2011
    I'm wanting to connect a 16F767 pic to my PICKIT 2 for programming.

    A schematic of my proposed circuit with other information is attached. It would really be appreciated if somebody could tell me if my schematic is correct and if not what I need to do to correct it.

    Can one achieve the same thing by using a solderless breadboard as well?

    Thanks guys.......JDR04 ICSP PICKIT 2.jpg ICSP PICKIT 2.jpg
  2. JohnInTX


    Jun 26, 2012
    That is pretty much it but you will need a pullup resistor on MCLR/ so that the PIC will run without the PICKIT connected. If you want to use an RC and/or RESET button on MCLR/, isolate those from the MCLR/ISCP pin with a resistor. See Sec 15.3-15.5 in the datasheet for info on MCLR/ and power up considerations.
    The two ICSP lines have some restrictions in that they should not have pullups or capacitors connected to them and nothing else that would prevent them from being driven by the PICKIT. That will limit what you can connect to them. Use the other ports first. Keep in mind that even if what you have connected to them is compatible with their ISCP function, you lose that functionality while debugging - I usually reserve them for non-critical LED indicators etc.
    Your ICSP header is pinned backwards. The square pin should be pin 1.
    Presumably, you are using the internal oscillator. Be sure to read up on the configuration bits and load OSCCON after startup.
    Carry on!
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    May 5, 2011
    Thanks JohnINTexas, really appreciate the time you took to help me out on this one. Thanks again.......JDR04
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