PIC Trainer for High School Student

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    Sep 23, 2016
    Hello, I am looking for a PIC Trainer Kit to help my daughter learn how to program. I would like the kit to have a lesson book that would include how to program and how to connect the electric circuits that the PIC will control. I would like the kit to program the PIC using C because that is a very common language, but if it uses another language that would be okay too.

    If anyone knows of a good starter kit please let know. Maybe we first start with a simple kit and then add on things for more advanced stuff.

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    Jul 4, 2015

    Comes with a DVD and when Compiler is installed it installes Example projects. Very easy to use.

    Manual can be downloaded from here.


    You can download the demo Compiler from here.


    A book for learn PIC mikroC PRO Programming.

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    Hi Joe. Welcome to AAC.

    Here are some other options:

    Many of the googligum tutorials are available free and are recommended even if you don't get the hardware there.

    Nigel used to have a board available. Haven't checked recently.

    For just starting, why do you want a full blown development board? A solderless breadboard is very flexible and will suffice.

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    Sep 3, 2016
    I started C with a Microstick , It has 16Bit PIC24 , and is cheap ! With MPLABX its all you need to start coding there are many example programs available , For me having started with PIC16F's 8 bit and assembler , it was a natural progression. Microstick set on a breadboard , you can quickly put together , various circuits and / or add pre-built modules, LCD , sensors, motors , communications. I also had a book "C for Dummies. Dan Gookin" .... I needed it !

    This is a 5v version,
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    While you're at it, take a look at the Curiosity boards from Microchip. $20 gets you the board, a PIC and the debugger/programmer. Add the free MPLABX and XC8 compiler and that's all you need.

    Caveat: A common misconception in embedded programming is that using C gets you clear of knowing something about the chip and its peripherals. For the first time programmer, something like Arduino might be better as most of the low-level stuff is done for you. MicroC is pretty good with extensive libraries that directly mate up with their line of development boards and relieve you of some (but not all) of the necessity of knowing the chip's internals.

    But, if you're OK getting down and dirty into the PIC, its hard to beat that little DM164137 board. What you'll encounter is some frustration in getting the thing configured the first time (not as much hand-holding as Arduino/MikroC) but once you get it, you'll have a better understanding of embedded programming, knowledge that will readily transfer to many other systems.

    Lots of help right here from guys who routinely work for a living on any of the mentioned platforms. Flashing an LED would be a good starting point. Kind of the 'hello world' of the embedded arena.

    I like that Microstick too.

    Welcome to AAC!