PIC and Graphics Circuit Design

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    Aug 9, 2009
    Hello All

    I would like to do some graphics on a PIC. I have done the HD44780 LCD but I would like to advance and do some proper graphics.
    I know there is a development board PICTAIL which can do this, but it really is expensive and I was hoping for something a bit smaller.
    I want to design the board layout from scratch and would buy the graphics controller chipset and then include it on the new design board.

    I am sure this is possible, just not so sure as to how easy it is.
    I believe I can use PIC GDD X, but I do not know if it is only for 32bit Pic's or 16 bit Pic's as well?
    I was thinking a PIC24 or PIC dsp should be able to handle it?
    I downloaded the PIC MLA and installed it.

    It does not need to be super high graphics, but a 256 or 16bit color would be nice and there will probably be a 2bit GLCD application as well.

    So.... :
    1)Am I on the right track? Can you guys give me any pointers as to what PIC would be a good choice for this application?
    2) What is a common Graphics Controller?
    3) What Color Graphics Screen can I get (Ebay sells the one that is compatible with Arduino for relative cheap price),
    sure this must be able to work with PIC as well.
    4) Later on I will also like to include bluetooth, or Wifi to integrate with Android. This can be an external module as well, I don't mind.
    5) Can I use the GDDX application?
    6) Is there any external hardware needed to run a 2bit GLCD or will a PIC alone be able to handle that?

    The main thing is I am sure that there is already existing libraries out there that can do this and simplify the coding greatly.
    That would be first prize.

    Using MPlabX with XCxx compiler at the moment.

  2. ErnieM

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    Apr 24, 2011
    The microchip PIC Graphics display library (free) is for 16 and 32 bit chips. You may be able to coerce the C code to work in the 8 bit world but I would not advise that. Start with a big pic so you don't run out of room. The most expensive pic is what, 10 or 12 bucks? How much would starting over cost?

    Once you pick a pic then get a development board for it. Trust me, don't go right to PCB, you will be changing things. Do look at places like microelectronia where they have great not so expensive dev boards with graphic displays built in.

    I will admit after getting a nice dev board from microelectronica going I tried to roll my own, but never got my pic32 to program and the project died a quiet death there.

    You can and should get a display with the controller built into it. Doesn't add much cost but does add great value. Pick one with a controller listed in the microchip graphics library as supported.
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    Feb 19, 2010
    If I remember right, someone here did use 8 bit PIC for graphical stuff, it was simple black and white line art/border and text, kinda reminded me of Apple II display.
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  4. skusku

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    Aug 9, 2009
    Hi. I specifically do not want to use an 8bit MCU.
    I was asking dspic, pic24 or even pic32