Peak in drain current H-bridge (Switchin losses estimation)

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Good evening everybody,

I am currently designing a measurement method to measure switching losses in a DC-AC converter.
I am using the 'Opposition Method' for this problem. To obtain switching losses a conductive load is placed between two phase arms of the converter.
By using a so called 'hard switching method' i am trying to find all switching losses, including all parasetic influences.

In this circuit in LT-spice i am trying to make this theory work.
When i run this circuit, i find a large peak in the drain current. I don't seem to get rid of this peak.
Dead time does not seem to be the problem. I am using a dead time of 100 ns or more, while the data-sheet of this MOSFET ( BSC900N20NS3 ) shows a rise, fall and delay time of a few nanoseconds.
Does anyone know what is going wrong? Am i missing something?

The charts are showing the drain current in MOSFETs 1 and 4, the PWM from the 4 gates and the voltage and current from the load inductor.

I really hope someone can help me!


Henri Dijk (the Netherlands)



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hi Henri,
Welcome to AAc.
Please post you LTS asc file and any special LTS models used in your simulation we can then compare notes.